I am Rutvi Parikh currently attending Benedictine University as a senior, majoring in Communications. I have always taken myself to be a working girl. I started working at the age of 16, and like some teenagers my first job was at Dunkin’ Donuts. Working at Dunkin’ was a lot of fun for me, and it became steps of my life ladder. My friends and family ask me questions all the time about my time at Dunkin’, and I would like to share that here for other teenagers who are currently working at Dunkin or are planning to.

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★ Why Dunkin’ Donuts?

≛ The only reason why I originally started working at Dunkin’ Donuts was because I knew they are very flexible with your school schedule, and it was literally two minutes away from my house and trust me when you don’t have a car to drive around, working nearby really helps.

★ When did you start?

≛ I started working there when I was 16, and I worked there for five years. I was on and off a little, but so far in my life I have worked at Dunkin’ the longest.

★ Your experience at Dunkin?

≛ Being an employee at Dunkin was fun, but it was also stressful, well for me at least.

≛ It was fun because I had amazing coworkers, who got along with each other very well (Which is the most important). We would get out work done, but at the same time have time to talk.

≛ It was stressful for me because my manager saw a lot of potential in me and always wanted to help me go up the ladder at Dunkin’. My manager and Dis. Manager are the ones who saw good in me and helped me move up each time. With school and personal life, work at Dunkin; that supposed to be fun, started to seem hard and stressful. I had to put in more hours, I was given more responsibility. I was still young and wanted to live my personal life as well, but I knew that getting promoted would only help me on my Resume, and my future life. Keeping that in mind, I made it all the way up to General Manager at the Dunkin’ I was working at. I got promoted 3 times in the spam of 4 years, and each time coming with more work and hours. However, each time I loved it even more.

★ Your experience at Dunkin?

≛ Being an employee at Dunkin was fun, but it was also stressful, well for me at least.

The biggest thing for me was battling my personal life, along with work life. There were various times when I had to leave family events early, or not attend them at all because I had to work. Working at Dunkin’ thought me how to be more responsible, it taught me how to be independent and it taught me how to be a leader. If any of you ever think you are just working there to do time pass, and or just earn a little money, I would say don’t sell yourself short. Every job has something to offer that can only help yourself, just like that Dunkin also has a lot of potential for everyone.

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