Parikh Passions Forever – Speech

Hey, like always I am back with a different kind of blog post. Now this blog post is totally different from my other ones, because this one is a speech I did for my viewers on my website. The dialogue from my speech is posted below, along with the link to my speech.

I have done majority of my blogs on Henna, so this time I thought I should do my speech on cooking, on how I kind of got started, and for a fundraiser event. My company is planning on having a stall that will have some of my favorite recipes that I enjoy making.


“Namaste and Hello everyone. I am Rutvi Parikh, owner of a small online business known as Parikh Passions Forever. I have my own website in which I share my Henna experience and share my cooking recipes. I started this website a few months ago in the hopes of reaching out to my viewers who also share the same passion as me.”

“As many of you may know I am Indian, and I love my culture and religion, in a way it defines who I am. Every year my temple has this little fundraiser event in the parking, they invite people to have a different stall so people can come and enjoy. They have stalls for games, drinks, and many different stalls for food. This year I decided to have a stall on behave of Parikh Passions Forever.”

“My stall will have some of my favorite foods that I love to cook. Of course, all the money will be donated to the temple so help expand the temple. Every year I go to this event but never have a stall, I go get things from other stalls, so this year I thought why have my own stall in which I can share my food with others.”

“Stop by if you would like to have a taste of some Indian fusion food items! The fundraiser will be held at Shreenathji Haveli in Addison on August 28, 2021. Common and join the fun, you will a whole lot of Indian Culture mixed with different types of food and games.”

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