Parikh Passions Charity Event

Another day, another post! I hope you all are doing great. So, you all know that Parikh Passions Forever is not only about Henna, but its also about my passion for cooking. Cooking is like a stress reliefer for me, it helps me calm down, keeps my mind fresh. Since I love cooking so much, I decided to hold a little charity event in which I would cook small finger foods and sell it to raise money for a charity.

This event was held last Saturday outside my house keeping in mind with the CDC rules for social distancing. I myself prepared small goodies like brownies, and some small plates with different Indian fusion foods, like Mexican bhel, or indo-chiense noodles. This was a very small event I held just to help people. I donated the money to a charity.

The event was a success, I had my friends and family come down to support me. They brought food that I made to eat, they would eat the food, play some yard games I had set up and chill. Some of my neighbors joined as well. I kept from 1pm-3pm only just so not many people are standing close to each other at the same time, I wanted to make sure all rules were followed.

I know I did not mention the charity name to you guys, and that is because my grandma always tells me that when you are doing something good for others, you should never brag about or show off. That is why even the money I donated was in cash, and it was done anonymously so the charity does not even know who donated the money. I believe that when you go to do something good deed for others and then you go and tell everyone about it, it makes it into a selfish deed. People start to say oh she/he did for their name gets involved, or so they can grow business.

This was a very small event that I decided to host, nothing to big at all. However, I would like to share with you guys that try to something good for someone else, does not have to big, you do not have to spend a lot of money, but I would like to encourage all do something good for something or someone else.

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