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Only for people who are beginners in Henna Parikh Passions Forever is holding a small contest for beginners in Henna. This contest will be online so we can follow CDH guidelines. Contests are fun and enjoyable way to get to know one another, and a great way to show your talent. When I was younger, I loved being part of small contests. I remember two specific ones, one was for best dressed at this Indian event, and one was for longest Hula-hooping. Of course, I won both, Thank you! Anyway, since I loved contests when I was a little kid, I thought I should host one. I have posted the details below for the contest.

⦁ From Friday April 16th—Friday April 30th
⦁ Online ONLY

⦁ One design per person
⦁ No coping designs from others
⦁ Must be your own creation
⦁ Attach a before and after picture of the Henna, so I can see how it looks when its wet and after so I can see the stain.


  • Submitted your personal Henna design with a small description on why you choose this design, if you had an inspiration behind it and how easy or difficult was it for you to do this design. Tell me your experience from the beginning to end of doing this.
  • Remember to submit a before and after so I can see the stain and maybe give advice on how to make sure the stain comes darker.
  • Remember it must be your personal design that you have created, of course you can use google or henna books for inspiration, but do not copy a design exactly.


  • Submit your design to me via email. (
  • Last day to submit will be Friday April 30th
    • No late submissions will be allowed


  • I will be choosing top 3 designs
  • The top 3 winners will receive small box with personalized henna cones and a book of Henna designs.

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