Hey y’all I am back but this time not alone but with a friend of mine who also loves to do Henna. I recently hung out with her and we started to talk about Henna, and how she use to do Henna on me back in the days when we both worked at Dunkin Donuts’ together.
First, I want to introduce my friend to you all, her name is Sinal. We have known each other for about seven plus years. We first met at Dunkin Donuts’ where we both worked, and instantly we connected. We would work the evening shifts together and our shifts would fly by because we always had good conversations, good laughs basically always something to chat about. Through one of our fun and crazy convos, I found out that Sinal took Henna classes back when she was in India, and that she still does Henna. I was so happy to hear that because I loved getting Henna done, and at that time I did not know how to do it myself. So when we use to work, sometimes we would sit in the back room, and she would do Henna for me. Anyways, I met with Sinal a few days ago and we started chatting and Henna came up and I started to ask her questions, and she told how she got started and she shared some tips with me which I would love to share with you guys.

She started took henna classes in India and was working at a salon taking orders for henna in India.

Me: How were the Henna classes you took? You think they were helpful, or could you have learned without getting that professional help?

Sinal: “In India Henna is very common, you will probably see a man or a woman doing henna in a salon, or even on the street every couple of miles. All those people have their own unique style of doing it, and that is why I liked the classes. It teaches you basics of henna, and plus their own little tricks as well. Once you know the basics, and you get the flow and you can develop your own unique skills and designs.”

Me: According to you what is the first most important thing about Henna?

Sinal: “the most important for me is the basic of Henna. The basic dos and don’ts of it. Like how a line is done, or how to start a flower, or where to start the henna.”

Me: Would you ever give up doing Henna?

Sinal: “No I would not, because even now I do it as a side thing because I love to do it. However I would like to some days do it has a business.”

Me: What is a tip you would tell people who do henna?

Sinal: “Try to start off small, don’t rush into big, long designs. Start with basic, small easy designs/patterns till your hand gets used to holding a cone and doing some designs. You will notice a lot of henna designs have common partners like small loops, or flowers, or leaf shapes. Once you get used to those, expand your comfort zone.”

I love talking to her, she even helped me a little to learn the basics of Henna. This was a quick fun chat I had with her, but I hope you all enjoyed it!

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Come see my chat with my friend if you want to read about her henna experience. I recently met with my friend and talked about Henna and she shared how she got started and a tip for people who are doing or learning it.

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