How to Blog

For me, my blogs are something that I can relate to, something I like to share with my public. The blogs can be about my personal life, business, it can be about an experience I had recently, it can be about traveling. Blogs can just about be for anything you want to write about. The only thing you must remember is that you must make it interesting, appealing to the public you are writing for. Here are some tips for beginners for their blog post.

1. Headline:

  • Your headline should be strong yet appealing because this the first thing people read.
  • The headline should not be long

2. Image:

  • Try to include at least image with each of your blog post
  • The image should be related to the blog
  • Should always have a sub header under (description of the image)

3. Opening Phrase:

  • This can be a short summary of what the blog is going to be about
  • It can be a fun little fact related to the blog

4. Content:

  • This the main part of the blog
  • All your content of the blog should go here

5. Places to Post:

  • The most important is you need a place where you can post your blogs.
    • Social Media platform
    • Website (your own if you can)
    • Magazine
    • Section in a News Paper

The blog post does not have to be essay format, in fact make it fun and unique. You do a question-and-answer style format, or tips format (like how this blog is). A recipe can even be turned into a blog. I have seen some blog posts that seem like they came straight from a dairy. Try to keep it informative, for example, if you are writing about your travel experience to Europe, then add some details on there that would help your reader when they travel. For example, you can do a Do’s and Don’ts section, or places to see when you go there. Doing a blog post is all about how creative you can be.

Social Media Post

First blog, confused on what to write about? NO worries, check out this blog and see what blogging is all about!

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