West Chicago Bake Sale

West Chicago is having a bake sale, in May to kick off summer 2021. The proceeds of the bake sale will go to a charity to the help the people in need. The bake sale will be held in Prestonfields located on route 59, from 2pm till 5pm. My company: PARIKH PASSIONSN FOREVER will be the one to hold this bake sale, the whole neighborhood is welcome to join and be a part of this wonderful day. Since the company is all about food and henna, they will also be holding a Henna stand, along with some of their favorite snacks and desserts.


🍽 There will be multiple stands for the food around the neighborhood park. Each stand will be serving different food items and each stand is required to have a poster or sign listing the food ingredients for all to see.

🍽 Along with food stands we will also have a couple of stands for games, so kids have something to do.

🍽 Please be considerate of the covid-19: Wear a mask the whole time and maintain distance.

🍽 Hand sanitizers will be provided at every stand, and all the volunteers will also be carrying wipes and sanitizer bottles along with them.

🍽 Going to be held in a neighborhood, we are requesting only people from the neighborhood to join because of COVID-19. If you have a someone who you want to bring who does not live in the neighborhood, please let us know in advice so we are aware of it.


🍽 Stand 1: Freshly baked cupcakes

🍽 Stand 2: Freshly bakes cookies

🍽 Stand 3: Different types of bakes pasta

🍽 Stand 4: Pies

🍽 Stand 5: Game stand for kids

Please keep in mind this a neighborhood event, please be polite and respectful to your neighbors. On behave of PARIKH PASSIONS FOREVER, we want to thank everyone ahead of time for participating and taking there time out to enjoy a nice summer bake sale for a charity in need.


West Chicago: Prestonfields (RT.59)
TIME: 2pm-5pm
DATE: 05/29/2021

If you wish to be a part of the bake sale and want to have a stand, please contact Rutvi Parikh for further details. Contact details below!

Rutvi Parikh: 630-123-4567


West Chicago neighborhood is holding a private neighborhood bake sale to have a nice and fun start to summer 2021. All the money that will collected will be donated to a charity in need.

Keep in touch with west Chicago to see what else this city will do in summer 2021.

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