Mehndi is also known as henna. Henna is in a powder form that comes from leaves of a tropical scrub. The powder is mixed with water to get a paste like texture and then put into a plastic cone before applying. Henna is traditionally used in a lot of cultural events when people celebrate a festival. I love henna and I am always looking for a chance to get some done. However, nothing is free as we all know, and I was tired of spending ten dollars every so often, so I decided to learn how to do it myself. I still consider myself to be a beginner in Henna, but I do have a few tips that I learned on my own, and a few that my friend who is a henna artist taught me.


♥ Drawing

❣ Before practice with henna, practice a few designs with a pencil and paper and see how you are in that. Of course, pencil and henna are different, but there is a saying that if you can draw you can do henna as well.

❣ They have paper hand cuts online or you can make it at home to practice.

♥ Right size cone

❣ Finding the right size cone is the most important. There are many different cone sizes, and not all sizes are easy to work with. For me personally I like the small or medium size ones because they are easier for me to hold, but for some people they only prefer the long cones ones because their hands are used to that one when applying.

❣ First try all the sizes and see which one you are most comfortable with.

♥ Before applying

❣ Before you start to apply the henna on yourself or someone apply Vick’s vapor rub, or oil just a little on the hand you are applying the henna. This will help the henna color get darker.

When I first started, I started drawing random designs on paper, and then I would take those designs and do it with henna on my hand, or my family members hands for practice. The main thing to remember is practice will make it every time, and the more you do the more you will start to get your own designs in mind the faster you will become.

Your passion is something that you should always follow and try to achieve. I, myself am starting to focus on my passion for Henna. I started practicing and learning more about the history of Henna, and I am loving it more each time I do a design. I am still a beginner, always looking for opportunities to practice more. Below I have posted some images of the Henna designs I have done so far. Feel free to comment or like on the images to encourage my passion, or even give some advice on how I can improve!

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